Global Sourcers Ltd

bringing products and needs together


Global Sourcers Ltd. is a company led by seasoned sourcing and purchase managers who have earned their marks in the world of sourcing, purchase and trading on a truly global level.


‘We have difficulties in finding what you need’ is not an option for our dedicated staff. Our buyers and merchandisers are trained to excel in their job. We have affiliates across all Asia, Europe and the Americas and are still adding quality driven staff to our ever expanding team. Through our network we will find the product you need at the best available price.


Sourcing globally means controlling and knowing the area and the language.


We know from our experience that the products you need could come from every corner in the world. Since first Asia and now China has taken over the factory function for the rest of the World we are confronted with the fact that language is the biggest barrier in communication between supply and demand. ‘Lost in translation’ is an all too familiar expression, but not when you have as strong a partner as Global Sourcers.


We speak vitually all languages, from the modern EU languages to Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.


How we work:


Sourcing globally means knowing the language and having your feet on the ground in the area.




The key word the business between you as our client and us as your local purchaser!


Quote, Order and Shipment


After we have located your product we will ask for a quote based on your order quantities


Your business and ours


Since we have our own dedicated network and affiliates in most countries we can find the best deal for you.





If your product is out there, we will find it!!

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